The Methodist Church values every human being as part of God’s creation.
Everyone has the right to fair treatment and protection from harm

Safeguarding Policy Statement
The Methodist Church commits to:
● The creation of a safe environment and culture where all are welcome and everyone feels able to speak out about safeguarding concerns
● Pastoral care for victims and survivors of abuse, and other people who have been affected by safeguarding issues
● A prompt and appropriate response to every safeguarding concern or allegation regardless of status or circumstance
● Carry out risk assessments and put safeguarding measures in place where individuals may present a risk
● Pastoral care for those who are the subject of concerns or allegations
● Safe recruitment of all those who have responsibility for children and adults who may be vulnerable
● The promotion of good safeguarding practice through effective training, guidance, policy and procedures

Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility


As well as the Methodist Church UK Safeguarding Policy Statement there are policy statements for Methodist Districts,
Circuits (groups of churches) and individual churches.

Bottesford Methodist Church has adopted the Nottingham and Derby Methodist District Safeguarding policy.
This is a comprehensive multi page document and is available upon request.

The Safeguarding Officer for Bottesford Methodist Church is
Marion Hingley-Hickson 
Tel: 01949 845134     E-Mail: click here

Bottesford Methodist Church is part of of the Grantham and Vale of Belvoir Methodist Circuit. 
This circuit also has a Safeguarding Policy. 

Circuit Safeguarding Policy

As the people of the Methodist Church
We are concerned with the wholeness of each individual within God’s purpose for everyone.
We seek to safeguard people of all ages involved in Circuit events and to encourage churches actively to promote policies to ensure that all are safeguarded in the day to day life of the Church.
It is the responsibility of each one of us to protect children and young people from harm, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect and to affirm, encourage and support those working with them. 

Disability Policy

 1. We believe that ALL people are loved by God. We will work with people with disabilities enabling them to share and develop their gifts and abilities within the life of the Circuit.

 2. We will endeavour to ensure that all disabled persons have an equal opportunity to experience the love of God and to grow spiritually.

 3. We will seek to become aware of the special needs of disabled persons and their carers through consultation with them and through contact with various Disability Groups in the community.

 4. We will extend a warm and sincere welcome to all disabled persons.

 5. We will ensure, as far as possible, that churches in the Circuit are accessible to those having disabilities; that provision is made for those with visual and/or hearing impairments and that we conform with the

Copies of the complete Methodist Policies can be found on the Methodist Church UK website at

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