Thank You

We acknowledge the prayers, priceless help and support from individuals, organisations, societies, churches and businesses who give time, talents, gifts, graces, services, advice and money without whom the worship, work and witness of our church could not happen.

We acknowledge with thanks the following sources
who have provided some of the content for this site:-

The Methodist Church of Great Britain
The Church of England
The Baptist Church
Notts & Derbys Methodist District
Google Calendar & Map
Church 123

Not forgetting the membership and friends of our church for their
commitment, dedication, hard work, good humour and endeavours
in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour and to the glory of God.

We have endeavoured to provide an accurate, informative web site but it is a work in progress. Consequently, the site is subject to correction, alteration and amendment. Please note that there are 3rd party web sites which we have no control and show information about the chapel. This information may be inaccurate and out of date.

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