The church has a mission to worship God and to serve its neighbour whether in the local communities that make up the parish of Bottesford and in the wider world.
A world which we are stewards of and responsible for in looking after it with compassion and care.

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Bottesford Village Sign    Beacon Hill

The presence of God is to be realised in the everyday lives of the many and varied communities.

  Devon Ford    Chapel on The Green
  Through the ford to the chapel   

Community is a place of individuals coming together, a place where power is never exercised selfishly but for the common good, a place where humility is respected and where people are helped, nurtured and taken seriously.

The church exists to respond to the good news of God's love in Christ and to live out its ministry in worship and witness, in being there for others and to help build communities.

We can make a difference for the better and you can be part of it.

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