Our Worship

We gather together to offer our worship and celebrate our Christian faith.

We acknowledge what God has done through Christ and the Holy Spirit. 

Worship is a gracious encounter sharing in something special through scripture, preaching, music, hymns and songs, drama, prayer, symbolism and sacrament.

   Cross has Central Place    
       We are not a passive audience but a participation of worshippers. 

From our worship comes our witness and service to others.

There are those who lead our worship such as Local Preachers, Worship Leaders and Ordained Ministers (who are also Local Preachers). These people enable our church to participate in worship which can take many forms.

Visit our church to discover and experience how these leaders of worship have their own personality


Worship Dates

Sunday April 7th 10.30am
Preacher: Local Arrangement
All Age Worship

Sunday 14th 10.30am
Preacher: Elaine Robinson

Sunday April 21st 10.30am
Preacher: Revd. Peter Sulston
Holy Communion

Sunday April 28th 10.30am
Preacher: John Eagles

Methodist Curch