Generosity of Giving

The Methodist Church of Great Britain is a registered charity (no: 1132208) and consequently our church relies on the generosity of giving from its membership and others without whom our church would struggle to be financially viable. People freely give of their time, talents, gifts, graces and money. True charity is about giving without expectations.

Our church relies in the main on the goodwill and generosity of public giving so any donation in money or in kind is gratefully received and used in our worship, work and witness.

People may have a talent (eg; we are always on the look out for musicians especially organists) or a gift, or resources, or may wish to covenant (a mutual agreement of monetary giving) or leave a legacy to the church for the community it serves.

every penny counts
every penny counts

As a charity the Methodist Church is able to claim back the tax on donations made by taxpayers through a Gift Aid Scheme, thereby increasing the value of the donation. If you are interested in this scheme please contact the church Treasurer.

If you think you can help our church in some way or another please contact Revd. Neil Maynard tel: 01476 564191

Chapel Fundraiser
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Tea Towel £8
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Mixed Pack 6 notecards & postcards £5
 Notecards and Postcards  

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